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6 Great Perks of Converting Your VHS Tapes to DVDs

6 Great Perks of Converting Your VHS Tapes to DVDs

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People often reminisce about a specific period in their life—their childhood. A person’s childhood is often filled with some of the best moments in their lives because they were carefree, happy, and had little to no responsibilities. 

More often than not, children with great memories grow up to be happy individuals. You would be lucky if you or your parents filmed these precious memories and if you have the tapes. If you do, here is why you should consider digitizing them and converting them into DVDs.

The 6 Benefits of Turning Your Old VHS Into DVD Memories

1: You Can Watch the Past Again but in HD

VHS is an old technology that has low-resolution video quality. However, converting a file from VHS to  DVD can significantly improve its image quality. Opting for this conversion would allow you to enjoy viewing your memories more without the risk of damaging them over time. 

2: DVDs Are Simple to Use

Nobody would have a problem using a DVD instead of a VHS tape. Unlike VHS, a DVD does not require rewinding before and after you watch. DVD also has the following significant benefits:

  • You save time.
  • You do not damage your file.
  • You only need to insert the DVD into the player and press play to watch the footage. 

The DVDs would enable you to rewatch your memories no matter how many times you want, without the annoyance you would usually get from setting up your VHS player.

3: Watch Your Video Anywhere

Aside from the ease of use, DVDs allow you to access your memories on many platforms. You can play it on your TV, on your computer, laptop, and even game console. Even if you do not have a DVD player with you, the file would still be playable on any other device. It is an option that gives you more flexibility.

4: DVDs Are More Reliable Than Film

No matter how you care for your VHS tapes, they will soon degrade. They would lose their magnetic signal over time, affecting the quality and color of those precious memories. Moreover, the recordings can eventually become brittle and break even if you store them in a well-secured place. So before you lose those memories, consider converting them as soon as you can.

5: You Can Pass on the Memories to Anyone

If you want to share the memories with your family and friends, you can easily share the DVD with them. You can even duplicate the file and send them over. You would be sure that they can access the files on their own, and you can be confident because DVDs are more durable than films. Furthermore, you can store the video files on your computer and send them online to other family members. 

6: DVDs Would Not Take Up Much Space

DVDs are more compact than VHS tapes. They are lightweight and thin enough to carry and store easily. Just keep them in a durable case, and you would be good to go. 


Memories of the past are treasures because they are pieces of history contributing to a person’s development. The simple act of converting VHS to DVD can help you store and enjoy the precious memories a little bit longer. If you think the six advantages mentioned above can benefit you, consider transferring your old footage to DVDs.

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