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6 Reasons You Should Have Your VHS Tapes Converted

6 Reasons You Should Have Your VHS Tapes Converted

VHS tapes

Ever wondered why we moved to DVD from VHS? Back in the days, VHS was the only way to record personal memories, and it was like that for over two decades; it’s as if VHS will always be around. Until it’s not. The reason VHS tapes have gone extinct is because of the DVD, and that’s all for these excellent reasons: 

1. Long Life

DVDs have an extensively long life, which means they can last for over a hundred years. With that, you can guarantee maximum protection to your favorite content, and you can pass it to the future generations. 

On the other hand, VHS degrades over time with a small life span of only around five years.

2. Data Security From Electric Fields

Strong magnetic or electric fields can make you lose data on VHS tapes because they are magnetic. On the other hand, DVDs store data optically and make it safe against various forces of nature and laws. You can use DVDs anywhere, even if the weather changes frequently. 

3. No Quality Depreciation

It’s impossible to get a signal noise when you play a movie on DVD. On the other hand, face distorting and loss of quality are common on VHS. 

4. Time Saver

When it comes to data copying, DVDs are copied at a much faster pace compared to VHS. With that, spreading content through DVD is easier, and you will be able to save more time. Additionally, you can burn DVDs at various speeds and make unlimited copies without worrying about the quality. DVDs are also rewritable! 

5. Interactive Layouts

One of the best things about DVDs is that you can add various interactive layouts in DVD formats. You can make the menus clickable, and you can shift them from one scene to another with only one click. 

6. Affordable

Buying a DVD or a DVD player is more cost-effective than VHS. The parts are also more accessible should they need repairs. Therefore, with DVDs, you don’t have to worry so much about the cost. 

Convert VHS Tapes to Digital

Now that you know the advantages of DVDs, it’s time you convert your VHS tapes to digital. Get rid of that bulky player that isn’t easy to connect to modern television. Make sure the future generation can watch and cherish your precious memories by converting your tapes to digital content. 

The good news is, you don’t need to do this by yourself. You can get a service to convert VHS to digital, and from there, you guarantee that your memories will be of good quality for a really long time. 

Many people are converting their VHS tapes to digital because of the benefits, including not losing copies of their precious videos.

Digital Is the Way to Go

In today’s modern world, digital is, indeed, the way to go. When it comes to your VHS tapes, it’s time to have them converted to digital if you want to be able to watch them today. This will also guarantee that future generations will be able to watch them in high quality. So, have your VHS tapes converted today. 

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