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Benefits of Converting Old Family Media Files to Modern Formats

Benefits of Converting Old Family Media Files to Modern Formats


Are those videotapes, photos, film, and slides gathering dust in the attic? These are precious media that you can cherish for many more years to come. Since VHS players and other equipment to play these media are obsolete, modern technology has paved the way to convert old media to new media formats to ensure you can still enjoy them today. First, here are the reasons you must consider transferring old family media to new media formats today: 

1. Preserves Your Media

Preserving your family’s memories is crucial these days as the threat of media degradation looms. Some older media types are not designed to last forever, making it easier to archive tapes and images by capturing them to a hard drive or DVD. 

2. Helps Simplify Things

It’s not easier, cheaper, and simpler to get your old videotapes converted to DVD, have your photos scanned, and your film digitized. Most of the work is now captured directly into a computer’s hard drive, making it easy to manipulate media content without compromising their original content quality. You can even upload your footage to a cloud storage system or video-sharing platforms to ensure your media content will be safe at all times. 

3. Allows You to Be More Creative With Them

You can now produce quality media from your own home. So, when your media is digitized, you can do almost anything to it, such as create a new digital scrapbook, a graduation slideshow for your children, or even a new commercial for your business. 

4. Provides Better Portability

Think about how much easier it would be to scan your old slides onto a single thumb drive! Also, for your VHS tapes that are taking a lot of space, converting and digitizing them will give you more room. That way, you don’t need to hold on to hundreds of old VHS tapes because you can transfer them to DVDs or to your hard drive, which will save you more space in the future. 

5. Provides Entertainment

It is during the holidays or when the whole family is together when old videos and photos are taken out. Instead of going up to the attic and dusting these media files, you can play them on your TV and computer with only a few clicks of a button when you have them all digitized. From there, the whole family will be able to watch and reflect on past events without having to get their hands dirty and carrying heavy loads of VHS tapes and whatnot. 

6. Allows You to Enjoy More Family Time

Digitized media provides a great opportunity to spend and share time with family. This is because people can relate to what they’re watching and create exciting conversations about the past. Moreover, it’s also a great opportunity to connect with new friends. 

Make Your Valuable Family Media Last

It’s time you digitize old media files to ensure that they can still be watched and appreciated by future generations. For all of these reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to convert your old media files to the latest formats today. 

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