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A Closer Look at the Possible Comeback of VHS Tapes—What to Know

Anyone who grew up in the 90s is familiar with Video Home System (VHS) tapes and their popularity back in the day. With the advent of CDs, DVDs, and video streaming platforms, new inventions took the spotlight one after another, pushing VHS back—to the point that the newer generation of today doesn’t quite know about them.

For those with VHS tapes lying around the house, you may want to consider looking into VHS conversion services near you to turn them into digital copies. On the other hand, if you’re nostalgic about the past, you may want to hold onto your tapes a little longer. 

Since the resurgence of vintage items like vinyl records, film cameras, and even 90s fashion statements in recent times, it’s highly possible for VHS tapes to join the list soon. In fact, there is a small community of collectors online who continue to share their love for VHS up to this day.

If you want to know about the future of the well-loved tapes, keep reading below.

A Guide to VHS Tapes Today—Understanding the Fanbase

Most generations today depend on their smartphones and computers to store their video clips or utilize hard drives and the internet to save films. However, you’ll be glad to know that there is still a tight-knit community of VHS lovers online. You can find them on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, continuing to share their undying passion for VHS tapes that has remained intact over the years.

The fanbase committed to all things related to VHS tapes spends its free time reaching out to fellow collectors and VHS enthusiasts, slowly growing their company for a purpose—to keep VHS alive. They buy and sell the tapes, talk about their favorite films, and share their knowledge of the old format.

People online take turns displaying their VHS collection proudly for everyone to admire. Besides acquiring classic movies, they also strive to scour vintage shops, and online websites and get in touch with resellers in hopes of buying foreign and independent films recorded on the tapes.

What Makes VHS Tapes More Unique As Compared To  Modern Video Formats?

Nowadays, not everyone can share the same passion of still holding their appreciation for VHS tapes because of the rise of modern technology. However, people that do continue to collect them don’t seem to be going anywhere and have no intentions of quitting their hobby.

A unique factor that the tapes boast is there are old films in particular that were recorded in the VHS but were never reproduced using more modern formats because of budget constraints. For people interested in limited edition items that not everyone can own, they will take all the chance they can get to acquire these special tapes, even if it means paying a huge sum for it. Besides, the viewing experience you get from VHS tapes is incomparable, with the effects and flaws involved that make watching old films all the more authentic and exciting!


Some people still believe that VHS will return to the market soon due to the growing popularity of classic items making a return. Now that more people find pleasure in collecting vinyl records, it’s only a matter of time before VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and more vintage items become recognized by the world again! While modern technology develops innovative solutions to provide convenience, it doesn’t hurt to keep something from the past if it means you still have a few remnants of what once was, allowing you to witness the best of both worlds.

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