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Our Guide to Format Conversions: Ways to Convert VHS to DVD

Our Guide to Format Conversions: Ways to Convert VHS to DVD


There are various video formats available today, but one that’s quickly rising is digital formats easily accessible through files and memory cards passed around from person to person. Before this seamless exchange of videos of files, many of us had the opportunity to watch videos differently, and that’s through VHS tapes. 

VHS has been around for years. Many of those familiar with this format consider it to be nostalgic and sentimental. Most of their childhood memories are wrapped inside the VHS tapes, and because many have made the shift to the digital world, watching these tapes can be difficult. So what do you do if you want to watch your tapes again? You can convert them to DVD files. 

When you convert VHS to DVD, watching old memories will be so much easier, and in some cases, the quality of the video could also improve. If you’re thinking of converting your old tapes to DVD, keep reading. Here are some methods that could help you with that. 

Method #1: Copy Your VHS to DVD by Using a VCR and DVD Recorder

The first thing you need to do is have a VCR and DVD recorder ready. These two tools are essential to help you convert any old tapes to a newer format.

To get started, you need to connect your VCR to your DVD recorder using RCA cables. Once it’s ready, you can then place the tape in the VCR and convert the files through the DVD recorder.

Although this is a simple method, it doesn’t give you many options, such as adding chapters, buttons, and other disc options. 

Method #2: Record VHS to DVD Using the VCR-DVD Unit

Another way to convert VHS to DVD is by using a VCR and DVD single unit. This type of unit functions similarly to the previous method, but the process is much simpler and hassle-free, without the need to connect devices and use a bunch of cables. 

All you need to do when doing this method is to insert the VHS tape, play the section you wish to record while a blank DVD is spinning. While the tape is playing, the files are being recorded on the DVD, making it an efficient and easy method to use. 

Method #3: Ask Professionals to Handle VHS to DVD Conversion

If buying additional equipment isn’t an option, you can always have professionals convert VHS to DVD files for you. What’s great about this option is that this service is quite accessible, and some providers, such as Walmart, Costco, and Walgreens, offer this type of service.

However, it’s best to go to a shop that focuses mainly on converting VHS files, such as Converting VHS to DVD in Massachusetts. All you need to do is drop your VHS tapes at the shop, provide your contact and shipping information, and wait for your DVDs to be delivered to your doorstep. Besides that, they can also save your files on a thumb drive, making it easier for you to view. 

The Bottom Line: You Can Save Your VHS Memories by Converting Them to DVD Format

These three methods are the go-to ways to convert VHS to DVD. Although the first two DIY methods are quite easy, it’s always a better idea to hand your tapes over to professionals so you won’t have to worry about making mistakes and accidentally damaging your files. 

Where Can I Convert VHS to DVD in Massachusetts?

If you’re thinking of converting your VHS memories to DVD or other digital formats, Converting VHS to DVD can help you. Our shop converts VHS tapes and old 8mm movies to DVD or other convenient digital formats. 

Take a trip down memory lane and relive memories by converting your VHS tapes with us today!