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Preserve Your VHS Movies by Converting Them to Digital

The rapid developments in the world can become overwhelming, especially if you are not a big fan of change. While innovations indeed bring convenience to the way we function and do things, there are things we sadly have to leave behind before we can move forward. 

If you are sentimental, living in a constantly changing world can tear you in between. This also applies to people who love collecting remembrances from the past. While it is lovely to look back on your collections, it is frustrating that the items will no longer serve any purpose moving forward. 

We are talking about things that are the total opposites of digital, such as VHS. But fret not, because companies today use VHS converters to help people preserve these antiques. But if you prefer to DIY, we will share the secret portal on how you can bring your most-treasured VHS tapes into the digital world: 

Define the Quality

If your VHS tapes have been played a million times already, they may be worn out over time. However, you are not to blame if they are originally cheap. The deterioration is also expected among second and third-generation recording copies. If your VHS tapes fall under these conditions, then you should act fast and call for a VHS conversion service around Massachusetts to rescue them.

Mind the Storage

Everything that has been left stagnant for years may no longer function, not to mention the environmental factors that can cause VHS’s natural death. On average, tapes may start to degrade after ten years or so, and there are various causes why it happens. 

You will be surprised that there are tape-eating bacteria that feast on your precious collection. If you have a vast array of VHS tapes, you should also avoid storing them in hot and humid conditions. Also, beware of the moisture that can wash away your memories. 

Convert to Digital

We simplified the steps in converting your VHS tapes to a digital versions.

Things you need:

  • A VHS-DVD combination player
  • New DVD-R or DVD-RW disc
  • Laptop with a DVD drive
  • DVD video extraction software

The steps:

  1. Using a VHS-DVD player, record the video on the DVD. If you refer to the manual, this may be defined as dubbing.
  2. Once recorded, place the DVD on a laptop or computer that has a DVD drive.
  3. Use the free video extraction software to play the video.
  4. Extract and save it on your hard drive. 

Newer laptops and computers rarely have DVD drives, so you might need to find older versions with that feature. Regarding the software, you can usually find free options because you can search for one online that does not require paid subscriptions or purchases. Furthermore, the Internet is an ocean of information, so you can quickly search for a detailed tutorial on doing it. In the end, keep in mind that the process may vary on the device and software that you are using. 


Are you feeling sentimental? Consider yourself lucky if you were able to maintain your VHS tapes all these years. These things can cost a lot of money and may spark a lot of interest, especially for collectors. But if you just want to keep them as precious memories, there are many ways to keep the physical copies and their digital contents. 

If you are not too techy for these things, our experts at Converting VHS to DVD have got you covered. We can offer VHS converter services in Massachusetts with years of experience under our belt. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!