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How to be VHS to DVD Savvy

The Video Conversion Process

All right ladies and gents, let me break it down for you. You need to be smart when working with businesses, especially when it comes to personal property.  Let’s get the video conversion process right the first time!

You don’t want to be hood-winked.  You don’t want it be like going car shopping. So this is why you need to be smart, savvy?

• Make sure that the company you go to are the people ACTUALLY doing the conversions.

• You don’t want them going to an outside vendor. Sadly, in most cases this often happens & quality control is lost. Who knows what could happpen to your memories? They could be completely ruined and do you want to take that chance? I didn’t think so. All of us at Converting VHS to DVD do NOT want that to happen to you!

  QUALITY is Everything

• We have been converting VHS to DVDs since the dawn of the DVD. We are experts on the video conversion process. We want to maintain that everything is at its most optimum quality and in order to do this, we keep every conversion “in house.”

• Honesty and quality are our #1 priorities. Sugar-coating sounds sweet but being direct will help the process run smoothly and in a timely fashion. (Gotta love the sugar puns)

• Like a tattoo, you should NEVER shop by the lowest price. You shop by quality and reputation. That’s how you know the company is great. This is why you should come get your conversions done by Converting VHS to DVD, 372 Squire Road, Revere, Massachusetts.

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